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Do you celebrate Advent? In Norway we have a tradition with this Advent calendar for children, to ease the wait for Christmas.

Since I my health has not been good lately, I have a small project right now, I am photographing my Advent calendar, that I got it from my mother, and I love it.

A new tea every day, from The English Tea Shop - I have published them on Instagram, and if you are interested in watching the last ones I would love to see you in my Instagram gallery. These teas are organic and really tasteful.

It is a fine way for me to practice, use my camera and creativity. The goal is to make 24 different tea pictures, with 24 different cups.


I even got a new cup from my boyfriend´s mother, an Advent cup.

I was so lucky to get some help one day as well, thank you so much to my fabulous model ;-)

Old cups are my favorite.

A cup of tea, and an inspiring magazine, some quiet time to relax, life could not be better right now.

Tea for breakfast. I love breakfast, but I need some time to get there. Are you grumpy in the morning? I am, mostly because of body pain, but I always get up before everybody to prepare my body and my moods.

It is time for a tea party, you are heartly invited ;-)

The name of the tea is included in every picture, and I use an app on my iPhone to do that. Typorama is the app, if you are interested in finding it.


And now it is time to hurry over to Chloe Lagier´s blog and have a look at her fabulous pictures. And when you are there, please leave her some love in a comment ;-)

Thank you for visiting, and I wish you a fabulous Decemeber, and try a cup of tea. Which is your favourite tea?


I wish you a fabulouse and loving December, please take a deep breath, lower your shoulders, don´t stress, but enjoy life. Suddenly it may be shorter than you want to.


Lot´s of LOVE from Trini


I am on my way to WUN - Way Up North, and I am super excited.

So tonight´s article is from a rainy Stockholm, but this city is so great, even if the weather is awful. I just put on some decent clothes and head on out. I am signing in for the conference I am attending, Way Up North.

Drottninggatan is filled with quotes from the Swedish writer August Strindberg, and this one really caught my heart; "The Whole life is just rewrites" - just as tonight's article, I had planed to show you some from my recent editing, but my hard drive is still in Norway - that is why I suddenly wanted to show you a rainy Stockholm. The capitol of Sweden. I am sorry all my pics are a bit large, they are all from my iPhone.

Some streets are even getting ready with their Christmas lights.

My dream was to be an actor, and to wear ballet clothes, I was not able to do that as a girl, so that is why I always find my self photographing these beautiful things in the store windows. I was an actor as a kid, but all reason filled me from following some dreams. I negotiated with my inner soul and always ended up doing what was sensible and so on...

Stockholm is getting ready for Halloween..

And when you see these lions in Stockholm, then you know you are on Drottninggatan

Some fresh flowers for my hotel room, brighten ups my short stays in the room.

And this is where I will be for the next two days. The wedding photographers conference Way Up North.


Head on over to Kristina Rust and see what she has been up to, in San Fransisco. I promise you it is fabulous.

And make sure to spend a little of your time around the blog circle - Thank you <3


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Trini in Norway






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Welcome back, or if it is your first time; welcome

This has been a rough month, my body and I are struggling to function, so I had to get in to recovery mode. Take deep breaths and just slow down - again. No walks, no lifting anything, no photography (almost)

Luckily I did some photographing this summer, when I was with my family and friends. I borrowed their children to get out in nature and do what I used to love, create pictures. I did not have time to edit the pictures during summer, so guess if I am really happy about that now that I have to relax. My meniscus was the last drop in my cup. So try to I remind myself; Keep Calm and edit some pictures <3


Summer is a beautiful season in Norway, but it can be a challenge for photography in natural light.

It helps if you are lucky enough to find a place with a shade. But we have a lot of pine and spruce trees and they don´t give a nice soft shade either. So I am trying to play with the shadows instead of fighting with the light.

This is the beautiful girl from the workshop with Elena Shumilova that I was so fortunate to attend. And what I learned there is an inspiration for creating these pictures right now. And hopefully practice will make perfect.

Or the best place is under a tree with soft shade in the late evening. The midnightsun may be a great challenge for soft light during the summer.

And the best days is the days with an overcast, it is like living in a huge softbox. I love it

And during this summer I was so lucky to photograph these boys for their confirmation. I am the proud auntie to all three of them.

And we also got some summer rain, and that is so refreshing for all of us. Mother nature needs the water, all the creatures need the water and we humans can make interesting photographs with water.

If you want to see more of these pictures, feel free to have a look at my Instagram account @trini.no - and for my sketching project, which I have been doing since Januray 1st this year, have look over here; @trini.no_sketching

They had interesting conversations during this morning while photographing, "Trine Lise is so much prettier than I had imagined she would be" - "I don´t understand why we have to dress up and do this, but if it makes her (me) happy, I will do it" and ofcourse, "Her car is really small, almost like a toy car" - if you don´t know my stunning Bella Rosa, please look her up on Instagram and follow her adventures.


With these two lovely brothers I will send you off in the blog circle. Please visit Kristina Rust and see her fabulous pictures from Santa Cruz.


Lots of Love,

Trine Lise


Hi and welcome back,

I hope you are having a great time. I am traveling up north in my country, visiting relatives, relaxing in the cold ocean and just living one day at a time.

I want to show you some of my experiences.

The eagles seemed to follow me around, I know the shots are bot the best, but I could not forget the size of this bird. It flew towards me and it was really frightening. If I had a small child or a dog with me I would hold them so tight so the eagle would not grab them. Amazing that this size of a bird can fly so gracious.

And then I was lucky enough to borrow a boat and "fly" a little myself ;-) I wanted to post a video of me driving the boat, but my blog doesn´t allow any video format, so I will post them on my Facebook page if you want to have a look later ;-)

Crossing the Arctic Circle - and I had to walk to the old symbol, the one that we used to pass when I was a child. The new, modern, turist trap I stay away from.

As you can see I don´t drive around in Norway for the great weather, but because of the awesome scenery.


Eagle two of five in a week





Thank you for reading all the way down, now I want you to click this link and contiune around the blog circle to the really talented photographer Bonnie Martin


Love Trini of Norway




Summer is over us, at least in my part of the world. The days are getting longer and longer, temperature is getting warmer every day. It feels good to be alive. Since the last time I have been attending a workshop with the fabulous photographer Elena Shumilova. And I am proud to show you some of my work from the workshop, but also from the time afterwards. I was so happy to learn new things, both for the composing and posing of children but also the editing part. At first I was a bit afraid of doing the new technique, but then I decided it is what painters experience, there is no turning back and the result will never be the same. So here we go;






So I hope you like what you see, I know they are still very much inspired by the workshop and Elena Shumilova, but after editing a few I feel I am putting in some of me in the pictures as well. I love to make this my children photography style for a while.

Now it is time for you to leave me, but please follow the blog circle round and see what the fabulous photographers were up to last month - and start with my dear friend Kristina Rust, and her awesome graduation pictures. Really stunning, feels like you could be there with them.

I am grateful for Kristina Vanagaite and Mona Therese Iversen who arranged the workshops.

And I welcome you back to see what happens next month ;-)


Lots of LOVE from Norway, 

- Trini



Hello and welcome back,

I am so happy to be with you again, showing you what I have been up to lately, to be honest.

Out of the forest this beautiful girl came, in her Norwegian bunad (a national costume). With her hair blowing in the wind she looked like a fairy princess and her horse, so strong. On her way to adulthood, on her way. Just breaking out of childhood, on her way, on her way.


The love and connection between these two was fabulous. I am so happy that I got to be a part of it for a few moments.

And I am happy to be able to photograph her again, I am so happy her mother contacted me after a long time. I moved from Oslo and lost contact with a few of my friends there, but it feels great starting to know them again. Feels like it was just a moment ago we met, but almost 10 years have passed. I would love for some old friends to reach out, I would love to be able to photograph their children, that is the ultimate gift for me.

Good morning and welcome to South-Africa with me. I spent one week in the bush in the Eastern Cape. Walking around with the wild animals, photographing, relaxing, testing my inner peace and courage.


Watching this huge giraffe eating, interact with his herd and walking the earth makes me so humble. I think this is beginning to become one of my favorite animals to watch. With their huge body, and super tall neck they walk so gracious, and some how it always makes me think about dinosaurs. Listening to the sound of them makes it all so real.

I was so happy to see this Hippo - he had been away for a few months and just came the same afternoon as we arrived. I got a few photos from a distance, but wanted so badly to get closer. And the ranger on the lodge said it was possible to drive down to the river and have a look, so I joined him. When we came down the river bank was covered in huge thorn bushes, cactus, and other things that hurt to walk through. But we decided to go out of the car to see if we could get closer. I already knew that this animal is the most dangerous one in Africa, the one that kills more people than crocodiles and other predators. AND I knew that if he would attack us he could run like 40 km/h (24 mph) both in water and on land. So there is no way I would out run it. He had heard our car, and was already coming across the river to our side. And OMG it was huge, my hands were shaking so much that I was not able to get a picture. And when the Hippo opened his jaws, showing his teeth, shaking his ears, making a noise I have never imagined - I ran! I ran! Through the thorn bushes, the cactus, the mud, I ran! And when the ranger told me that the car was behind me - that I had ran too far, I could not make my body go back - back towards the Hippo, what if he came out of the river?? But I am glad I am stubborn, and have this great sense of will - because I took control over my legs, my shaking legs, and run towards the ranger and we found the car. Through it all I had started filming with my camera, there is total blackness, but the sound is great - so I can hear everything - and also what he told the others when we were safe back at the lodge. Still - I would love to go on a Hippo safari <3

And with this picture of the last sun rise over the lodge, for this time I thank you for reading my blog, watching my photos and hopefully you will come back for my next article.

If you are all the way down here now I will send you on your way to the next photographer in our blog circle. And I am so proud to present Chloe Lagier to you, hurry over to have a look at her story of the month.


Lots of Love, Trini


Hi and welcome back to my blog and to the fabulous circle of female photographers around the world.

This spring I am so glad that I picked up my camera again, and done a few new things. What challenges me at the time is sitting down editing, because of all the great pictures I am not able to choose - yes I know it is a luxury problem, but still...

Thank you to my dear friend for letting me practice newborn photography again. I really love doing this for the children, the parents and for myself and I find this sweet calmness inside when I am stressing around trying to find a great spot, hurrying before the baby (and the family) gets too exhausted.


Then I went to Denmark for my spring break, meeting up with some fabulous women, whom I were so lucky to get to know through a workshop I attended online. And if you are looking for a great inspiration and workshop in lifestyle photography I will recomend you to have a look at Christina Greve in Denmark, her workshop is in english, and the network and community makes it really worth the time and money.

This is one of my new friends, Joyann from Denmark. She is a really creative woman and she helps you build websites. And her english is fab ;-) Her english site is here, and her danish site is here.

Newborns in the forest as well, this is a little early in Scandinavia, lambs in February, early March is not common, but we felt so happy to see this pretty, little white, miracle.

And of course we practiced our lifestyle photography while we were together. And I really loved all the fresh flowers our hostess had gotten from The Netherlands for this weekend :-)

Thank you for watching, now I encourage you to continue through the circle starting with the really talented Kelly Buss. And I know we will be really happy for comments on our work and articles.

Until next time - have a wonderful spring :-)


- Love always, Trini in Norway



Hello, and welcome back to me and to our circle of female photographers around the world. Today I am really excited to show you in to our blogs, the circle are bigger than in a long time and the productions are fabulous. Just follow the links around to everyone and have a great time :-)

How are you? I am having a few problems regarding to photography these days. First of all my computer broke down, so there were no way to edit my images. And I started a project this January, trying to get in touch with my creativity again. In stead of writing my "Morning Pages", I decided to sketch/draw and write. I chose sketch paper, a little too yellow sheets, but a choice is a choice. Then I selected my drawing tool; soft pencils, and then I decided the time aspect. I allow my self about 10-15 minutes for both sketching and writing every morning.

The first day I wanted to draw a tree, because trees are important in my life, they represent Mother Earth, new beginnings, and I have used trees in a few of my photography projects. Since this was the first day in a new year I wanted to celebrate with a tree.

 Then I wanted to sketch a ballerina, because I want to practice the female body, I find it really hard to show movement in my images, that is why I want to study movement while sketching

 My best friend in the whole world lives in Berlin, this is a tribute to her City, where i long to travel. One day I will return, and my dream includes to drive there.

 This winter we have had some fabulous days, the sun is shining, no snow, now ice, just like late autumn. That is why I chose to sketch Sun rise by E. Munch

 This is a part of the West Coast scenery in Norway

 And then I watched a few movies from Ireland, and I would love to travel there too. This is an old building standing in the landscape

 The study of tulips. I loved to photograph tulips, now I will sketch them

 Photography, drawing, art it all is about looking, observing, gazeing.

The closer I came to the end of January I wanted to give up this project. I spent so much time selecting what to sketch. I doubted my ability, so my creativity was not stimulated, but challenged. Then I told a few friends that I was close to give up my project of sketching every day. Then one of my friends offered the greatest gift I have ever received <3 she wanted to help me, by sending over images, paintings, art by the masters for me to sketch after. And after a few days I was really happy again. I could concentrate about my project, to sketch and write. To find my style, my expression, my palette. The frist one was by Leonardo Da Vinci

Julie Margret Cameron - and I called my sketch; From childhood to teenager I

Georgia O´Keffee - I have no idea what this is, but I felt so humble being able to sketch after one of the greatest female artists of our time. And I must admit a little bit proud that my friend thinks that I can make anything after the greatest artists I know - thank you for believing in me <3

 Helmut Newman - I love this style, maybe I will get a suit like this again, I remember my mother made a suit like this for me when I was younger (and taller - lol)

 Jan C. Schlegel - This I called From childhood to teenager II - feels like I am adding years to the models ;-)

Leonardo Da Vinci - I was never interested in horses as a teenager, like a lot of my friends. I find horses pretty, interesting, but so huge. I am terrified of them, and hopefully I will turn that fear one day

Helmut Newton


Amadeo Modigliani

Laurits Tuxen - one of the scandinavian "Skagen painters" - this is from the Skagen beach in Denmark, a place where the painters wanted to be because of the light

Jan C. Schlegel - Yeah, since my friend is helping me selecting images to sketch I get to learn a bit about art history as well. Jan C. Schlegel shows his work in a gallery in Oslo this month, so I will try all I can to get in there to have a look at it.

Sarah Moon - she is one of the photographers I will look closer to after getting to know her work. She is a French photographer born in 1941. She started as a model and turned to fashion photography in the 70´s

Erik Werenskiold - this is from a Norwegian children story, the seventh father in the house. A young man came to this house for shelter, but was sent to the next generation (next father in line) to ask, because the father is the owner of the house and nobody can make a decision without asking the father. This is the seventh father, hanging in a horn on the wall. I guess the English title was; The seventh master of the house and was made in to a puppet film by Ivo Caprino

Arno Minkkinen - the magician. He is a well known photographer, Finish-American, known for his self portraits with his body in landscape, and often it is impossible to imagine how he has made it possible to twist and turn his limbs to fit the scenery.


Cecil Beaton - well known portrait, fashion and war photographer

Jean Michel Fouquet - photographer that I had not paied any attention to until now

Jan C. Schlegel 


I just wanted to show you today's work, that is why I am a little behind schedule for publishing.

Did I tell you about my car? She has her own instagram; @fiat500_bellarosa and she is a little red Fiat 500, called Bella Rosa. The pretty rose. I just got her back from the EU-control and she was approved to continue running the roads of EU (and non-EU country Norway) :-D I was so happy, and I must tell you that I suddenly stopped driving her because I am so affraid of tearing her down so that she stops or anything happen to her. This summer I dream about driving her around in Norway, visiting friends and family. Time will show what I can manage. 

 Thank you for now, I would recommend you to have a look at the stunning images from the beautiful and oh so talented photographer Kim Bajorek from California, USA.


- Trine Lise; Trini in Norway




Happy New Year everybody,

New Year and new possibilities, so I decided to do a change. I usually take my camera to the fjord, I love the coast, the smell, the birds, the sand, the rocks, but this year I will challenge myself to take a few of my walks to the forest. It is just as close to home as the beach, but in the forest there is not possible to get the view to a horizon, to dream out. In the forest I think I need to focus closer to where I am and that is what I have been trying to manage in my life for a while as well, maybe the forest will help me focus.

I must admit that I, almost, did not pick up my camera since October last year, only my iPhone camera, but today I brought my DSLR out. Today I wanted to show you King Winter in the forest surrounding my area, but King Winter glimpsed with his absence. I was lucky enough to find a small area in the forest with a thin frozen coat covering the trees.

The river breathing in and out the cold air

There is no tracks of animals in the forest this day, only my tracks.

And this looks like last year´s christmas tree

I once heard that this is a sign of really fresh air and great soil.

And this part of the forest is the most magical to me

Suddenly, out of now where a house showed up, at the edge of the forest, hopefully there are some really happy people living there, so close to this beautiful forest.

Time to hug the tree good bye, and thank you for now.

Anyway I really enjoy hiking in my area and a day in the forest for bringing back some pictures was the best I could do for my Soul this January. I hope you enjoy joining me in this magical forest, think about the fairy tales from Scandinavia with a few Trolls, Huldra and other nature spirits as you look at the pictures. And when you are finished hurry over to the lovely images of the talented photographer Kim Bajorek and have a look of what she has been up to lately. I also want to recomend you to have a look around the blog circle, just follow the links in each blog and suddenly you will return to me - and if you like what you see, please leave a comment for us :-)

- Lots of LOVE from Trini in Norway



Hi there,

How is your holiday spirit? What do you do to get in the Spirits of Christmas? Do you celebrate Christmas? I do, and this year the spirit is really distant to me. That makes me search even more. Some how I begun to dislike the way we celebrate Christmas, it seems it is a Holiday for all the wrong reasons. Materialistic, eating like there is no tomorrow, sitting in front of the TV or computer all day long. I guess this is why I really have to dig deep inside to find the magic and the peace that this holiday used to bring.

I started at my local garden store, they always decorate so pretty, and it seems to help. The only thing that didn't help was the darkness outside of the greenhouses, the hard rain on the windows. When I was younger there were snow and cold weather this time of the year.

When I saw this picture, I really liked the letters and regret not buying them. Jul means Christmas in Norwegian.

Some alternative and joyful decorations are filling the stores this year.

Welcome to a winter wonderland

Another tradition I have is to make Christmas cookies, in Norway we have a tradition that says it is not Christmas if you don't bake 7 different kinds of Christmas cookies. We call it "Sju slag" - I am not finished, but I had to photograph some of my cookies. In front is one of my favorites, potetmelstopper, made of potato flour.

Serinakaker, with almonds

And for me there is not Christmas without Risboller - fluffy, puffed rice with chocolate

The Christmas cookies are kept in tin jars, and are served to all times when coffee is served during Christmas, some people start serving them in the beginning of December, so that we are well fed and so sick of them until next Christmas, when we bake again and have forgotten how stuffed we were last time

Some behind the scenes, photographing my baked goods.

Now I will encourage you to continue around this blog circle, and I am proud to point you over to Luciane Steiner and her beautiful images.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and I wish each and every one of you the best for the upcoming new year


Lots of LOVE from Norway,

Trini, Trine Lise



Hi everybody, good to see you again

I am finally back, and can´t wait to show you what I have been up to, so I will narrow it down to the last month.

I attended the third, and last, workshop step with the Norwegian Photographer Morten Krogvold. I love the way he arrange his trilogy workshops, in the Norwegian mountain village, Vågå. All of the workshop participants lives at the same hotel, we only need to show up and be present. We log off social media, turn off our phones, and are just present. This is absolutely something I recommend doing. After one week of tranquility, classical music, drawing and photography I found the world rather noisy. We all got a task that we were supposed to manage during this week; mine were - Eternity is a sound, a sacred sound - and in addition to that we were supposed to make selfportraits.

"Eternity is a sound, a sacred sound"

In Norway we had this beautiful autumn, and I spent a lot of time in the nature, the light, the colors, just breathing. But I also spent time with my friends, and their children, photographing them. I feel so blessed getting this opportunity. I also arranged a birthday party for a two year old in the forest. All the photographing I have done this autumn has been in the out doors, with only natural light, which is my favorite light in Norway, the soft October light.

Happy birthday, sweetie - I can´t believe it´s been two years already <3


I wish you all the best for your new job, Nina, may you have good health and may you help a lot of people through Balansert Helse.

Wandering out of October, turning the clock to winter time, wishing November and the winter welcome. Mother Nature is preparing herself putting on her new coat, the fresh white coat.

With this I wish you all a fabulous November, and I want to guide you over to Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin and her beautiful pictures, and from her blog you can follow the circle of really talented, female Photographers.


Love from Trine Lise, Trini in Norway <3