"10 on 10" ...November and the end of autumn, and beginning of winter...

on 09 november 2016

Hi everybody, good to see you again

I am finally back, and can´t wait to show you what I have been up to, so I will narrow it down to the last month.

I attended the third, and last, workshop step with the Norwegian Photographer Morten Krogvold. I love the way he arrange his trilogy workshops, in the Norwegian mountain village, Vågå. All of the workshop participants lives at the same hotel, we only need to show up and be present. We log off social media, turn off our phones, and are just present. This is absolutely something I recommend doing. After one week of tranquility, classical music, drawing and photography I found the world rather noisy. We all got a task that we were supposed to manage during this week; mine were - Eternity is a sound, a sacred sound - and in addition to that we were supposed to make selfportraits.

"Eternity is a sound, a sacred sound"

In Norway we had this beautiful autumn, and I spent a lot of time in the nature, the light, the colors, just breathing. But I also spent time with my friends, and their children, photographing them. I feel so blessed getting this opportunity. I also arranged a birthday party for a two year old in the forest. All the photographing I have done this autumn has been in the out doors, with only natural light, which is my favorite light in Norway, the soft October light.

Happy birthday, sweetie - I can´t believe it´s been two years already <3


I wish you all the best for your new job, Nina, may you have good health and may you help a lot of people through Balansert Helse.

Wandering out of October, turning the clock to winter time, wishing November and the winter welcome. Mother Nature is preparing herself putting on her new coat, the fresh white coat.

With this I wish you all a fabulous November, and I want to guide you over to Bonnie Jakobsen-Martin and her beautiful pictures, and from her blog you can follow the circle of really talented, female Photographers.


Love from Trine Lise, Trini in Norway <3


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  1. Kim Bajorek

Trini, how blessed you are to have all of the seasons!! We are in a second Summer for the moment in Southern California, though it gets dark much earlier! Beautiful portraits; beautiful nature. Big love to you!

  1. Trini    Kim Bajorek

Dear Kim,
Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you are enjoying your second Summer ;-) Must be fabulous. Big love to you, too <3

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