"10 on 10" ...July 2017 - Up North for the summer...

on 09 juli 2017

Hi and welcome back,

I hope you are having a great time. I am traveling up north in my country, visiting relatives, relaxing in the cold ocean and just living one day at a time.

I want to show you some of my experiences.

The eagles seemed to follow me around, I know the shots are bot the best, but I could not forget the size of this bird. It flew towards me and it was really frightening. If I had a small child or a dog with me I would hold them so tight so the eagle would not grab them. Amazing that this size of a bird can fly so gracious.

And then I was lucky enough to borrow a boat and "fly" a little myself ;-) I wanted to post a video of me driving the boat, but my blog doesn´t allow any video format, so I will post them on my Facebook page if you want to have a look later ;-)

Crossing the Arctic Circle - and I had to walk to the old symbol, the one that we used to pass when I was a child. The new, modern, turist trap I stay away from.

As you can see I don´t drive around in Norway for the great weather, but because of the awesome scenery.


Eagle two of five in a week





Thank you for reading all the way down, now I want you to click this link and contiune around the blog circle to the really talented photographer Bonnie Martin


Love Trini of Norway




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