"10 on 10" ...September 2017, when in recovery mode...

on 09 september 2017

Sweetest you,


Welcome back, or if it is your first time; welcome

This has been a rough month, my body and I are struggling to function, so I had to get in to recovery mode. Take deep breaths and just slow down - again. No walks, no lifting anything, no photography (almost)

Luckily I did some photographing this summer, when I was with my family and friends. I borrowed their children to get out in nature and do what I used to love, create pictures. I did not have time to edit the pictures during summer, so guess if I am really happy about that now that I have to relax. My meniscus was the last drop in my cup. So try to I remind myself; Keep Calm and edit some pictures <3


Summer is a beautiful season in Norway, but it can be a challenge for photography in natural light.

It helps if you are lucky enough to find a place with a shade. But we have a lot of pine and spruce trees and they don´t give a nice soft shade either. So I am trying to play with the shadows instead of fighting with the light.

This is the beautiful girl from the workshop with Elena Shumilova that I was so fortunate to attend. And what I learned there is an inspiration for creating these pictures right now. And hopefully practice will make perfect.

Or the best place is under a tree with soft shade in the late evening. The midnightsun may be a great challenge for soft light during the summer.

And the best days is the days with an overcast, it is like living in a huge softbox. I love it

And during this summer I was so lucky to photograph these boys for their confirmation. I am the proud auntie to all three of them.

And we also got some summer rain, and that is so refreshing for all of us. Mother nature needs the water, all the creatures need the water and we humans can make interesting photographs with water.

If you want to see more of these pictures, feel free to have a look at my Instagram account @trini.no - and for my sketching project, which I have been doing since Januray 1st this year, have look over here; @trini.no_sketching

They had interesting conversations during this morning while photographing, "Trine Lise is so much prettier than I had imagined she would be" - "I don´t understand why we have to dress up and do this, but if it makes her (me) happy, I will do it" and ofcourse, "Her car is really small, almost like a toy car" - if you don´t know my stunning Bella Rosa, please look her up on Instagram and follow her adventures.


With these two lovely brothers I will send you off in the blog circle. Please visit Kristina Rust and see her fabulous pictures from Santa Cruz.


Lots of Love,

Trine Lise


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  1. Kat

This was really beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  1. Jen

These are lovely! Such a lightness I needed today.

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