"10 on 10" ...December 2017... The Advent calendar

on 09 desember 2017

Hi and welcome back :-)

So nice of you to pop by, I hope you find something you like.

Do you celebrate Advent? In Norway we have a tradition with this Advent calendar for children, to ease the wait for Christmas.

Since I my health has not been good lately, I have a small project right now, I am photographing my Advent calendar, that I got it from my mother, and I love it.

A new tea every day, from The English Tea Shop - I have published them on Instagram, and if you are interested in watching the last ones I would love to see you in my Instagram gallery. These teas are organic and really tasteful.

It is a fine way for me to practice, use my camera and creativity. The goal is to make 24 different tea pictures, with 24 different cups.


I even got a new cup from my boyfriend´s mother, an Advent cup.

I was so lucky to get some help one day as well, thank you so much to my fabulous model ;-)

Old cups are my favorite.

A cup of tea, and an inspiring magazine, some quiet time to relax, life could not be better right now.

Tea for breakfast. I love breakfast, but I need some time to get there. Are you grumpy in the morning? I am, mostly because of body pain, but I always get up before everybody to prepare my body and my moods.

It is time for a tea party, you are heartly invited ;-)

The name of the tea is included in every picture, and I use an app on my iPhone to do that. Typorama is the app, if you are interested in finding it.


And now it is time to hurry over to Chloe Lagier´s blog and have a look at her fabulous pictures. And when you are there, please leave her some love in a comment ;-)

Thank you for visiting, and I wish you a fabulous Decemeber, and try a cup of tea. Which is your favourite tea?


I wish you a fabulouse and loving December, please take a deep breath, lower your shoulders, don´t stress, but enjoy life. Suddenly it may be shorter than you want to.


Lot´s of LOVE from Trini

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  1. Kristina

Your photos (as always) are gorgeous and very creative. Makes me want to have a cup of tea (and a sweet).

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