Hi and welcome back

Since last time I wrote something on my blog I´ve been a super buzy bee. I have been working with my website, and are so happy about the result. I have been doing this project traveling around in my district photographing children and youth in schools, that was a fabulous experience and so exhausting that I almost was not able to stand straight. I have been resting for a few days now and will need a little more rest before I will do anything again.

But I have learned to set up a studio in less time than before, I have become much better in talking to people in front of my camera, and still kept my patience.

I was too late to participate in this month´s circle, but I would love to show you the way to my fabulous colleagues <3

Head over to have a look at Kim Bajorek´s super stunning autumn pictures from her trip to New York, and from her blog you are able to follow the circle around.


Da har jeg endelig fått min oppdaterte hjemmeside opp og gå, her vil du finne et galleri der jeg presenterer bilder jeg har tatt i de ulike kategoriene jeg tilbyr deg som kunde. I tillegg har jeg fått en flott nyhetsside og blogg. Her vil jeg ta deg med bak fotografering, til min inspirasjon, her kan det dukke opp gode tips og vink til deg som fotograferer. Og ikke minst vil jeg presentere dere for gjengen i bloggsirkelen jeg er en del av. Vi blogger fast den 10. i hver måned og er en gjeng med kvinnelige fotografer fra hele verden, så følg med.

Velkommen skal du være, så håper jeg å se deg innom her med jevne mellomrom. Du kan også finne meg på min facebookside. På Facebook legger jeg ut andre bilder enn de som kommer i bloggen, samt minner om nye innlegg i bloggen. Der vil jeg også skrive både på norsk og engelsk, mens store deler av bloggen vil skrives på engelsk for å ikke skrive to versjoner av hvert innlegg. Nordmenn, og skandinaver leser bedre engelsk enn engelsktalende følgere leser norsk ;-) Tusen takk for forståelse.






Dear reader,

This is the month where we celebrate our national day in Norway, and a lot of boys and girls go to their confirmation. We celebrate spring and beginning of summer, and change our indoor activities to outdoor activities. We start talking to our neighbors again after living inside during winter. New babies are born, the birds are singing again and it feels like we are all more alive, I love spring and summer.

One of my tasks from the workshop was "Spring in my hands", I love photographing flowers, and will do a lot more of that in the coming weeks.

I also love combining flowers and portraits in double exposure, it is so much fun, I love that I can do all of it in my camera and spend so little time retouching.

As I was saying, alot of newborns are out and about already, lucky me to be able to photograph these small miracles of the world.

And the confirmand, Elise, in her beautiful Bunad, this is a bunad from Nordmøre, wich is located on the west coast, almost in the middle of Norway.

And Evelina is wearing her Bunad from Nordland, which is in the northern parts of Norway, not all the way up, but in the arctic circle area.

Andreas was so cool to stand out in the cold wind for this pictures.

Now I will send you off to take a look in to our blog circle, and start with the really beautiful pictures from Kathleen Ries - and after that it is easy to follow all of the fabulous, interesting, talented and awesome photographers from the blog circle. Enjoy <3

I wish you all a joyful summer - may you have a lot of fun, shoot great pictures and enjoy life.

Until next time,


- Trini in Norway


Hi - how are you?

I am feeling great, I am attending an online workshop in lifestyle photography. I find it really awesome, I struggle every day, but I find it really fun. I am not great at styling, and think I will find someone to cooperate with for shots like this, but it is great to know the basics and it is actually fun. I think the workshop is really busy, so much to cover on such little time. I tend to spend time practice what we learned the first week, still in week three. And my tiny studio are filling up with props, it looks so interesting out there :-) Like a small museum ;-)

I have also learned that I am not spending my time in the kitchen any more either, photography has taken all my time, and when I am not behind my camera or in my digital darkroom, I am relaxing to get my strength back for more walks on the beach with my camera.

Lifestyle photography is about flowers, still life, food, travel and how to tell stories. For me the idea is to learn how to compose beautiful pictures, maybe to sell to Magazines, or just for the beauty of it. This was such a fabulous continuing from my last year at school, where we worked with story telling, how to tell a person´s story through images. And since I made a story for my portfolio, not including a person, just a few people in the distance. I got a few "aha´s" during this workshop. The photographer behind the workshop is Danish, her name is Christina Greve and her online workshop is rellay great. I know she also gives workshops in Denmark and one day I might be so lucky to attend one of those. You can see Christina Greve´s beautiful work and ideas here.

I started with flowers, and I got one of my favorites. I took it inside in my warm living room to make it bloom, then I found a nice place to photograph it. The Pink Sakura, The pink Japaneese Cherry Blossom Tree.

And we were to give our flowers a mood, which was a challenge for me, I had an idea of what I wanted to do and then I realized it was not so easy, but I learned a lot, and it was really nice while the flowers were all over my house. Another great thing about photographing flowers is that they stand still and I could try again and again until I finally was pleased with my result. Now I can´t stop photograph flowers. I guess I try something new every day.

Then it was time to try food photography. And I love it! BUT I really don´t know how what to bake or cook to be able to photograph it afterwards. Now I am looking for someone who loves to cook so I can be there and photograph it :-D I guess I can not be great at everything :-D

I also went out to find some time outside in my local area, being out in the nature helps me be creative. And I started a project out doors this spring. Hopefully I will present that to you in a year.

The other day I had the honor of photographing this beautiful little girl, she is so pretty. And I wanted to test out some of the techniques from the workshop. Both in shooting and in editing. I am looking for my own style. I am spending time finding what I like, or dislike. And I tend to like the cooler pallet more than the warm colors.

I also wanted to try photographing siblings, but that became a new challenge for me. And I know what I will be spending time doing in the summer time this year. I will be photographing siblings, and small groups of children and grownups :-D

Now that you have been through my learning process it is time to show you in the direction of our 10 on 10 blog circle, I hope you will be reading the way around our blogs. And your first stop from here will be to have a look at what the very talented Luciane Steiner have done since last time. Her beautiful pictures of children playing on the beach.

With the warm wishes for a beautiful spring time from

- Trini in Norway

Hello again, and thank you so much for all your kind comments last time

I can not believe a month has passed again, because after my exams it was like the air got out of the baloon and I did not want to use my camera or anything. I just had a couple of photo shoots and had to turn my home upside down to photograph for my blog today. Well, the florist was open and I got some spring flowers. The snow finally came, just when I was happy that we did not have too much of the white stuff this year, so I wanted to make the best of it and see what I could do with the snow and my flowers. Here is a few of them

Trying out different colors with the snow, turning the white balance a little cold and just testing the depth of field on my 24-70 mm

I don´t know what all these flowers are called in English, but the yellow one we just call; Easter Lilies

And lucky me, finding Ranunculus at the florist today, I just love them

And my all time favourite; the Tulip

Again I am playing with the dead flowers from last month, I think dead flowers are the best sculptures, and so incredible pretty.

One of the photo shoots was with this little princess, she is turning 1 this spring. I feel so lucky to be a part of her life. Humble and grateful for being allowed to photograph her so much.

In the end of February I was asked to capture this princess, Maria Moen, she was part of an assignment for my fabulous Make-up artist, Stian Lindgren. Thank you for such a fun sunday, both of you :-)

Thank you for visiting my blog, and next month I guess I will have my new web-page up and working, I can not wait :-) Please head over to the very talented, Kim Bajorek and have a look at her beautiful pictures.


Until next time,

- Have a wonderful time -

- Trini - Trine Lise

I am so happy, humble and proud, I finished my practical exam in digital photography. I am so grateful to all you fantastic people who were models for me. I am pleased with the result for this practical exam, too. I had about a week´s time to create, shoot, post produce and hand in the images, and in the end I ended with a "B" grade on all my tasks - so I am really happy :-)

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Happy new year, to you, and welcome back to my blog

Today I woke up to a snowy world, I had plans for a photo shoot, but the snowfall prevented it. That could not stop me, so I made a few appointments to join some friends in the snow.

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The last years I have been out of the whole Christmas spirit, I don´t feel anything but sadness. I guess there are several reasons for that, but most of all I feel so tired of being the best - even at making the Holidays perfect, finding the perfect gifts, the perfect clothes, making the best dinner, inviting most people, cleaning the house, baking, and all for a few days where I am so beat up that I can hardly enjoy any of the hard work I put in. I always believed that Christmas is for the children, and the families with children, and since I am not able to get my own children I guess I have been kind of sad during these Holidays.

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Hello, and welcome back :-)

Yes, it is that time of the year - time for exams, during this December I will have a Portfolio exam, a written exam and several practical exams. I am looking forward to finish my studies, but at the same time I am a little sad that it is over for now. I would love to continue my journey to become a photographer. This time is really tight on the schedule so I just managed to post this blog today, I hope you will enjoy it, and a prayer of good luck for my upcoming exams would be much appreciated :-)

Talking about journeys, I recently went to Denmark, for the second time this year, on a photo-/ road trip with a friend of mine. And the result was interesting, but I will not share until I pass my Portfolio exam ;-)

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Hello again,

I´m so sorry I missed out last month, but with school things have been rather busy, fun and fabulous. I missed you all and was so sure I wanted to join in this magic ring this month. Late September and October is the time for changes. The transformation of nature is yet again over us. I know that my cousin in Australia has just seen the signs of spring, but here in Norway we have just begun to see the colors changing. Actually from day to day the transformation happens around me.

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We are already writing August 2015, this year went by in a hurricane, but I am not complaining, because the reason it feels like my life is on speed is because I am doing a lot of things. And to be honest, I can´t wait for school to start again in a week.

This month is all about perspective. So what is perspective? And what is it to me? And what is it to me in photography? The word ´Perspective´is a noun, used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things.

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